Change Google App Engine Deployment Userdata in NetBeans from 7.2.

It is quite annoying when you want to change username and password for Google App Engine deployment with netbeans, as this can not be done via NetBeans. Or even more so, if you entered wrong username and Password and keep getting the “404 Not Found This application does not exist” by Google App Engine deployment.

In NetBeans version Prior to 7.2., there was a file that was located in Netbeans directory – typically netbeans\7.1\config\Preferences\org\netbeans\modules\j2ee\appengine. In this file, you just removed user and password information and were prompted for username /password again. However, this has changed in 7.2. – now it is (for whatever reason) very well hidden in the so-called “keyring”, for instance in Netbeans 7.3. and Windows 8, it can be found under:


There, you just delete the keys

Furthermore, to be on the safe side, delete under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\google\appengine\tools\admin the Cookies and email keys … then restart NetBeans IDE

And next time you try to deploy, if you are lucky, you will be prompted again 🙂



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